Putting Our Children First!

Dear Parents,

Like many of you, we are concerned about the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and their attack on parental rights, the lack of choice in education, and the fiscally irresponsible behavior putting an unsustainable burden on parents in this very difficult time.

Spending is out of control, fees are increasing and transportation issues are placing families in a very difficult situation. Students have been unable to obtain the school quality they deserve in the lockdowns. For these reasons, I have decided to run for Trustee for the CBE in order to put our children first.

We need your vote to get elected so we can bring Parental Rights, Transparency, School Choice and Fiscal Responsibility back to our school board.


  • In May 2020, the CBE was audited for running a shortfall. The Education Minister ordered this because of “reckless misuse of taxpayer dollars”. The release of the audit comes as the board deliberates its latest $1.37 billion budget, left a deficit of $62 million despite proposed cuts and increased fees which forced the province to offer an additional $20.6 million in funding.

  • When compared to other school boards, the CBE has the highest administrative costs.

  • In 2010-11, the board trustees locked themselves into an expensive, 20-year office lease in which they are paying more than it would have cost them to purchase the building.

It is clear that the current group of school board trustees are not fiscally responsible.

Please look at our solutions and make a donation.

WHAT YOU CAN DO! – You can help in the following ways:

  1. Tell us your concerns by going to the Survey by clicking here.

  2. Donate – Donations of any amount will help in this campaign in Putting Our Children First. Please click here to donate now.

  3. Volunteer - We need help door knocking, working the phones, dropping literature and more. To get involved email info@TakeBackTheCBE.ca