• Fiscal ResponsibilityWe need financial stewards that will stop having shortfalls.
  • Stop The Blame Game - All levels of government are struggling with revenues and the CBE consistently blames the provincial government (no matter who is in power) rather than taking responsibility.

  • Parental Consent - I strongly oppose any policy or law which bypasses parental consent and interferes with the parent/child bond. Parents know what is best for their child; not government, bureaucrats or activists. Parents MUST be included in all discussions regarding their children except in rare and unique circumstances, in which case schools are obliged to involve other resources such as social services. As primary caregivers of their children, parents must be informed, involved, consulted and notified. This is in the interest of the child’s safety.

  • School Choice - In the province of Alberta, there is tremendous diversity found among families. Our diversity is what helps make our province strong! For this reason there must be a variety of options available to every parent when they are looking for the best placement for the education of their children. Freedom to attend a public school, a faith-based school, an independent school or to home school should always remain a choice. There are many reasons why children may attend a certain school. Children learn best and families flourish where there is choice.

  • Standardized Testing - Standardized testing such as the Canadian Test for Basic Skills and Diploma Examinations ensures a set of basic educational skills is being attained by students.